i haven't said enough...
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
  words unspoken
we hid our passion beneath the sheets.
not even your lover knew
of my lips' exploration
on the continents of your skin.

my fingers held on to yours
as we both whispered
someone else's names.

should be in bed right now. just needed a poetic orgasm before falling to sleep.
  ain't she pretty
i have this one classmate in art class that really makes me give her a second look everytime she passes by me (she's almost always late and i sit by the door). it's not because she's pretty... um, well, maybe because of that... but seriously, i think i've seen the face before i had this art class. then it hit me, i saw her in the papers at least twice, not including the school paper, and the school website. plus, she works in the library almost everyday. she was a newsmaker in our school. check out her story in our school site. also found her own personal site.

Monday, September 27, 2004
  new layout
so what y'all think of this new layout? looks familiar, huh?
  not bad for a business major, huh?
did ciarroscurro today. not sure if i spelled that right. it means drawing light out of the dark. sounds poetic, huh? ciarro is italian for light, while scurro means dark. see, i like that etymology, gives you the meaning right to your face.

anyway, here's the figures to draw:

and here's my cropped work:

had a fun day in art class again :-)
  was in a three way - twice this week
it feels great to have rei in circulation again! that's rei, he'll be around in a minute but he can be gone for like months without a word. i dunno know what he's going through right now, or what he went through, i haven't really asked but it looks like he has turned a new leaf. that's nice. y'all wouldn't want him pissed, i tell you.

talked to him last thursday, then ate i.n joined in. we three slept together, haha! seriously, we did. i think ate fell asleep first (mainly because among us three, she is in the latest time zone), them moi and eventually rei. then last night, we three-wayed via yahoo messenger :-)
Friday, September 24, 2004
a new template :-) just subtle changes, no biggies.
Thursday, September 23, 2004
just got my test results. it was depressing! in my income tax test, i got a 62! ouch. the consolations i got were the highest score was 74 and the class average was way lower than that. and in my cost accounting class, an 81. not bad, 85 was the highest. arg... but it's okay, i'll get over it.


i'm seriously thinking of changing my blog's template. just because :-) but i can't find a good blogskin out there. that won't stop me though. just have to think of a theme really, it's all easy after that.


been listening to liz phair a little bit too much. she's been in my player for the past two weeks. and it's not like i'm listening to just one song over and over, i listen to the whole damn album. she's that good. so this morning, while taking a shower, i decided i'm done singing with liz. i put on black eye peas again so i can dance with fergie :-) "bounce boo with the boogie that be, you i want you to come boogie with me..."


work gave me a raise last week :-) plus the management (from denver, mind you!) issued me my first employee benefit - a discount card! haha! not only on motel6s across the nation, but with any accor company across the globe! pretty neat, huh? called dad right away to ask him where we wanna go next summer :-)


has anyone notice the new poem scrolling down my page? i love that poem by jewel (duh... as always).


a graduate assistant administered our test in intermediate. he was obviously gay. he's too, um, accessorized. i dunno, i can't put my finger on it but let's just say even a dog would know he is into boys. anyway, the guy did not pay any attention to me! that's practically a first for me! should i be insulted then? haha!
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
  maroon5, cullum, stone and keane.
am watching vh1 right now. they have this special of inside track artists, artists who became known because they were featured in vh1.

adam levine is funny when he performs! maroon5 plays better when live. after jumping around with this love, they segued to she will be loved. almost the same performance they did in aol music. you might want to check that out.

hey, jamie cullum's next! i like this dude. he's doing his usual using the piano as drums while marching in place. he has a chair but he ain't using it. his first song is his jazzed up version of n.e.r.d.'s frontin'. as usual, his hair is a big mess. hmmm... his head is a little too big for his body. like it could have its own zip code. basang basa ang kili kili. yaiks. o great, he's singing twentysomething! this guy is bursting with too much energy! his body can't catch up with his wacky dancing. somebody call a doctor! or a priest! dang it, he slid and dropped on his ass! by golly, this guy IS possessed.

joss stone has got to be the most soulful contemporary that i know of. her rendition of fell in love with a boy just made me fall in love more with the song. and i thought the white stripes original version is good enough! i'm guessing that they are showing two performances from each artist or group. but based on the sweat on these guys, they had longer sets. i hope she sings super duper love. that's another song i enjoyed in her covers from soul sessions. is she british? what's with the accent? o crap, she's doing you had me, her new single from her all original album. well, it's still a good one, i guess.

keane's turn. everybody's changing is an okay song, i love the fact that it's just piano, drums and vocals. i must say though, this tom chaplin guy has serious posture probems. yeehaw! somewhere only we know! i looove this song! i love this particular line: i'm getting old and i need something to rely on. ganda no?

maroon5 ended the special with harder to breathe. my favorite line? "hoping somebody will do you like i did" haha!

check out the section in the vh1 site for other videos. you'll find the stone video for super duper love there, which i really recommend you watch.

  fedtax is hard
my tuesday schedule goes something like this: work at the nursing department from 11:30 til 12:30, go to my federal income tax class til 2pm then cost accounting til 3:30. i can't skip either class then attend the other mainly because i have the same instructor. so either i attend both or skip both.

anyway, my instructor has this great idea of a having a test on both classes. yeehaw. i finshed my fed tax test in half an hour flat, as usual, and he was asking if the test was too easy (i wasn't the first one to get out of the class, by the way), i just said, "noticed most who are done first are also in your cost class?" then he just gave me a sly smile. the kind of smile my sister gives me when she "accidently" broke any of my stuff.

it's 1:26 now, me, being a diligent student is NOT studying of course, haha! i'm still kinda rattled with that tax test!

here's an example: jose is a partner in an accounting firm that uses a calendar year. he uses a cash basis method of accounting for tax purposes but uses accrual system for financial purposes. he takes 25% of profits and losses and can withdraw $8000 a month from the partnerships coffers for personal expenses. he withdrew $96000 in 2004. he received $25000 in 2004 for 2003 profits. he also received $100000 in 2005 for 2004 profits. in 2004, the partnership's profit was $484000. compute jose's taxable income from the partnership in 2004.

that's one question. out of 28.
tonight's nip/tuck episode will be very much disturbing - not to say that the previous episodes are not disturbing enough.

here's a quick background: sean and christian are partners in cosmetic surgery. sean is married to julia and has kids - kid anna and high school student matt. now christian and julia used to go out in college before she got married to sean. she got pregnant with christian and julia kept the secret from everybody, even christian, that matt is not sean's. eventually, julia met ava moore, a life coach, and confided this secret. now matt fell for ava (who wouldn't?) and was even caught masturbating outside her window by the cops. they later on become lovers, and matt moved out and started living with ava and ava's son, same age of matt, adrian. adrian is by god sexually confused and sexually charged, a bad combination. once he tried... wait, he didn't try, he succeeded, kissing matt but matt pulled away. one time, adrian took matt's leather jacket to school and matt became pissed off about it and started a fight. they were called to the principal's office and lateron found out that there were prescription drugs in the jacket. matt called christian knowing sean would just kick his ass. in the principal's office, matt, adrian, christian and ava were trying to make a deal with the principal to settle with anything less than the original thirty-day suspension. it ended up with the principal having an eye surgery something thanks to ava's mind-bending words and chrsitian's expertise. so here's adrian, twisted about living with matt who is a peer and yet bonking his mom. adrian was crying in the couch when ava came home and he was asking why she enjoyed putting him in pain and all that. then ava started saying stuff like "we have to move on" and "we must accept change" and all that. hmmm... made my eyebrow raise. can't figure out what was wrong with the situation. adrian started saying things like "i need you, mommy" and "i need you now" and by golly, they kissed. passionately. even a hooker would close her eyes. it seems this wasn't the first time the two did something like this. and tonight, we'll see what happens next.


anyway, ava moore is played by famke janssen and adrian by seth gabel. the two are painfully beautiful. even seth gabel, he looks pretty. if famke is any less prettier than she is now, i would probably choose him over her. haha!

famke janssen

seth gabel
Monday, September 20, 2004
  one bad day
argh... this was a bad day, kainis.

lemme start. i woke up around a little before 4am - the time i intended to get up. so i turned off my alarm, got up, went to the kitchen for a drink then for the life of, i dunno why, went back to bed! i was supposed to spend a little bit more time with leo since for the past few days, i really haven't found time to chat with him.

then i felt the sun's heat from the window. heat? by golly, the sun was up. i always wake up before the sun is up! checked my clock, and it was 9:30 already! i have a nine am class! let's just say i missed my art class. so i spent the rest of the morning doing homework for an accounting class.

what is wrong with me?!
Friday, September 17, 2004
  kiko on love
if you love someone, set her free...

...or cripple her bad so she can't get away.
ok, i've been stressing for the past, um, i dunno, since school started? haha!

mainly over this one class... make that two classes. income tax is a very very boring class. it's not boring because there's nothing interesting, it is actually a pretty interesting class... if you are into law. not that i ain't, it's just that i'm more interested in the crunching the numbers part in accounting rather than trying to figure out AGIs. but at least the class is consistent, meaning i am ALWAYS not looking forward for tuesdays and thursdays. the other class is not bad at all, cost accounting. after turning in this one helluva homework that took us two weeks to finish (and many did not turn in their work mainly because they can't even start it!), it was such a big relief! all twenty pages of nothing but cost analysis, balance sheets, income statements, and journal entries. i feel so great.

now, i have time to blog :-)
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
  i wouldn't mind doing her

Monday, September 13, 2004
  art class
enjoyed art class today. we did negative drawing which basically drawing figures that are not there.

we had this big black wall where our instructor stapled several pieces of twisted paper then told us NOT to draw the paper but rather the black spaces in between the sheets.

after blackening out all the dark spaces, we then went ahead and shaded the paper accordingly. here's my work:

t'was a fun day :-)
  i'm crazy for this little lady
lately, i've been noticing that i've been waiting for this ad on tv by the gap where lenny kravitz is playing lady with saraj jessica prancing around.

she is so cuuuuute!

i never really find her pretty, maybe the long face, but watching her in the ad really makes me smile :-)

check out the ad on this link and make sure to watch the 60-second spot. watch her when she comes out in a white fedora and black turtle neck.
Saturday, September 11, 2004
  would this look good on my skin?
I have so far three tattoos and they all mean something.

of course, my first one, is my name in kanji characters on my lower stomach. then my brothers' and sister's initials on my right wrist and my mom's initials on the other wrist.

since i already have something of my asian background on my skin, i want something of american indian kind and i thought of a buffalo skull.

what do you think about this contemporary looking like skull?

Thursday, September 09, 2004
  place your pins!
hey y'all! check out my new map from bravenet, it is so cool!

you'll find it in the credits box, bottom right pane.

hope you'll let yourself known :-)
  a typical night with ate i.n
-+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
after three weeks of using my spare keys, i finally found my goddam keys under the couch.
Sunday, September 05, 2004
  on the phone right now...
i'm on the phone right now with ate i.n right now, and i'm telling her that i have to take the cab tomorrow since there are no buses on labor day.

kiko: kelangan ko pang mag cab bukas, wala kaseng bus.

ate: kala ko ga e walking distance lang ang school mo?

kiko: oo, e tinatamad ako.


ate: teka, e bakit may pasok e holiday? state university kayo e?

kiko: e anong gusto mong gawin ko? mag-...

ate: mag-aklas ka!!!

  somewhere only we know


Friday, September 03, 2004
a friend asked me the other day why i have this small box of support links. she was asking if i really do support these organizations or individuals. i answered with:

"fuck, yeah."

i may not look like your typical advocate for awareness of aids, or your typical political voter. i am not as cold-hearted as you may think.

i have been supporting aids awareness since i put on my first condom. it's not because i am squeamish about diseases and all (but true, i am) but i think we just be cautious about this sickness that is affecting forty-five million individuals in india alone. and aside from that, many of us are not ready to have kids anyway. it's the mature thing to do, if you ask me, even if many told me that it feels different with the rubber on. i wouldn't know.

artists against aids worldwide is headed by bono of u2, and he has been so passionate about this that i was compelled to buy the cd. i actually felt that it was my moral obligation to support such a noble deed of financing researches and studies about this deadly killer. just recently, i have heard of until there's a cure which also supported by many artists. i did buy two of their bracelets - the jelly kinds, one black, one white. i think i'm gonna buy the leather strap bracelet on payday/

about the crayon box, it's a pretty neat idea about the organizers thinking we are like crayons of different colors but in the same box. when you think about it, we are just like that. i for one should know that!

and john kerry? i am a democrat way before i knew what a democrat was, haha!
Wednesday, September 01, 2004
i've been meaning to write something but time would not just permit me. been too busy since classes started.

see, i have four accounting classes and one art class. i made the mistake of taking the federal income tax class on tuesdays and thursdays, since it is a hour-an-a-half class. i hate theories. and fed tax is basically that. like trying to figure out a person's taxable income after deciding which of all his incomes are considered as income and taken out all the allowable exclusions for the adjusted gross income as well as the appropriate deductions - wheter itemized or standard - then getting rid of all personal and dependents exemption after taking in consideration if the person is filing as single, married but filing separately or jointly, or a surviving spouse. amen.

i love the other two accounting classes though. one is intermediate accounting which is mostly financial reporting, the other is cost accounting which is like an extension of managerial accounting. and i'm good with numbers. so good, i'm a step away from being a god.

i should be worshipped.

the art class ain't bad at all, too. we have been doing lines. yes, lines. then from there, we jumped into drawing dogs. fuck. see, i don't like dogs. no, i wasn't bitten by a dog as a child, or even had a traumatic experience of a pet dog dying. i just don't like them. by the way, i did have a puppy that died. i was around seven, and my mom and i liked to travel (still do), and we forgot we had a dog (hahaha!). when we came back from one of our many trips, the puppy is dead. from starvation. maybe ulcer. i don't really care. maybe insanity.

back to drawing dogs. the point of the class was using lines to show expressions, and not making an anatomically correct dog. my happy dog basically looked like it's hammered from smoking too many joints, and my angry dog looked like a wolf in prozac.

and i still have one accounting class but it won't start til october. it's three hours long! on tuesdays AND thursdays! crap, there goes my survivor nights on thursdays and my nip/tuck nights on tuesdays. to make things worse: it's a CPA LAW class.

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