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Sunday, May 23, 2004
  not much
i haven't been blogging for a while. there's not much going on, so i guess there's not much to say. everything is a routine for a while: work, sleep, eat, clean. not in that order though, mostly sleeping since i am really burned out from work. had to work extra shifts because of this convention that tok place two days ago. i know i'm a great night auditor (yabangan na!) but my manager needed me to do check ins. fuck.

we have three shifts at work: day, swing and night audit. day shift has got to be the easiest shift, i've done it several times but not too often. it's mainly checking people out from their rooms and deactivating the keys. the main concern really is making sure everybody who should check out are out by noon. swing shift i hate the most. it's mainly cheking people in. we were fully booked since thursday so it was pretty hectic. last friday, i got there around 2pm and wasn't able to sit down til 6pm. i hate swing shifts but my manager "claims" she needed someone she could depend on during this heavy loaded occassion. there are four people who could do swing, and she fucking chose me. sometimes it's hard to be so good at your work. it's so lonely at the top... i'm so tired of success... HAHAHA! just kiddin'! and lastly, night audit. and like i said, i kick ass with this. i can spot a discrepancy within the first five minutes i start my reports.

i gotta go now, still have three hours to sleep before i get ready for work. ciao!
Thursday, May 20, 2004
  my room is a big heap of mess
i'll be moving this 24th, and i haven't cleaned my shit!

the floor

the closet

the wall

the fat lazy bastard who won't clean his room

  jasmine is done
sigh... jasmine is done with american idol. i think she saw this coming. she didn't cry at all, even was able to give a great performance after the show.

ok lang 'yan, jasmine. ganyan talaga e.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
  a part of me you might not want to know...
you were properly warned
i gave up sex a few months ago. casual sex, at least. i think i'm done with having sex with people i barely know or do not know at all. my closest friends are having a hard time believing this. to quote my friend rey when i said "nagpapakabait na ako": ows?.

this is no moral decision because i am morally-skewed. considering my knowledge regarding catholicism, i know i am going to hell. i'll probably meet most of my friends there, so we'll party when we get there.

anyway, because of this decision (reminds me of the movie 40days and 40 nights), my body has been acting up! like what pringles said: once you pop, you can't stop. i even switched to boxer briefs than ordinary boxers just to hide my -er..- "happiness". HAHAHA! i am a walking hard on.

oh, fuck. i AM a walking hard on.

i think i'll have that on my grave stone. hmmm...

francis k maes
a walking hard on.
we could barely close the casket.

i like it.
  got a new phone!
just got a new phone :-) has internet features so i can chat again through YM! has a camera, too! pretty neat :-)

Monday, May 17, 2004
  feel bad :-(
i don't feel too great lately. two weeks ago, i covered somebody's shift for five nights (10pm to 6am), and it messed up my bio clock bigtime. i spend the following week chatting with leo through e-mailing since i couldn't sleep. then come this saturday night, was too busy at work that when i got home sunday morning, slept all the way til 7pm! just in time to watch the season finale of charmed. that means i didn't eat for like 20 hours. then i went to work and made the mistake of drinking sprite on a very empty stomach. had a fiesta salad around midnight. then on my way home in the bus, i really felt like throwing up. must be because i was playing with my gameboy on a moving bus, with my sweatshirt on on a pretty hot morning and quite hungry already.
and i can't really rest right now because i have to look for an apartment!
  it's not easy being green
i've been eating too much salad lately. how do i know? my shit is green.
Thursday, May 13, 2004
last tuesday was american idol night. jasmine, latoya, fantasia and diana were the top four competing.

as usual, fantasia and latoya did great, no doubt about that. diana did well that night too. simon even said that all the time, he thought it would be a fantasia-latoya battle in the end, but after diana's performance, she can break that fight. jasmine did ok too, but not as good as the other three. jasmine has this problem of settling with okay rather than stepping up. simon mentioned that before, he thinks that jasmine is going now, but after her song, he is sure she's gone. that made jasmine cry after her second song.

no one makes my jasmine cry! sent text messages to friends from california to new jersey. used my dad's phone and mine and called the vote line for about an hour. no joke, i probably called more than fifty times.

and guess what, it paid off! HAHAHA! latoya got booted out, HAHAHAHA! not only that, she was in the top two most voted along with diana degarmo HAHAHA!

yeah, yeah, maybe she got some sympathy votes because she cried, but that doen't explain why fantasia and latoya were the bottom two.
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
  amber won!
my money was on amber, and i was soooo right.

the final four were rupert, jenna, rob mariano and amber - the four who originally had an alliance. i thought jenna was pretty stupid for voting off rupert, she had a better chance if she voted off one of the sweethearts. anyway, the final immunity challenge was an endurance challenge, as always when there are only three left. jenna lost against the two, and what a surprise, amber and boston rob started to make a deal that went nowhere because amber accidentally touched the immunity idol. at one point there, i became to be suspicious if these two really are together or are they playing each other. but anyway, rob got the immunity and voted off jenna.

the last tribal council was emotionally intense! let's start with lex, he was really pissed off at rob. i remember that episode, amber was on the other tribe and rob asked lex to take care of her and lex did. but rob screwed him and voted lex off immediately after the merge. then, kathy. she was a sucker - and she admit to it! she was hurt with rob's actions but still at the end, she voted for rob! alicia, oh my my, alicia... she said something like she was having a hard time whom to vote for because both of them has crap coming out of their lips! HAHAHAHA! jenna and rupert were pretty calm since the rob and amber did kept their words to them about being the final four. shii ann was the most objective one i think, saying it was a game and nothing more than that. she even said that people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. but tom, now he was pissed! even more than lex. he was about to shake rob's hands saying "no hard feelings" but when rob was about to reach his hand, tom took back his hand and said, "don't be stupid, stupid." wow...

anyway, it was a a four to three vote, shii ann being the swing vote. so amber decided to give the car she got from rob (rob won a reward challenge and gave amber a car) since she got the million.

in the reunion show in madison square garden, rob proposed to amber. it looked staged to me. but anyway, either way, amber is a millionaire! HAHAHAHA!

there was a big surprise though, the audience can give somebody another million! people can vote online til the 12th of may for somebody among the 18 (yes, including amber) who we think should have a million. i think rupert deserves the million. per game, i thought amber deserved to win but as characters, rupert should have one.

speaking of character, jerri (from the australian outback) made a comment that they are people and not charcters in a show. even before she started talking, madison square garden booed her! and after the commercial break, she wasn't there anymore. the bitch took off.

here's a little something: amber hooked up with rob just as a strategy. well, eventually, she fell for him, HAHAHA! the defining moment, she said, was when they were apart. she realized she missed him. but some to think of it, that was a great strategy, letting rob take all the bullets while she hang on to the greatest player. i better right that down, HAHAHA!

  no more friends
it was just another episode. it wasn't a two-hour special, it wasn't in a different timeslot or a different day. but still, just like any other friends-fan, it may just be another episode, but it was a good one.

so erica was going to give birth now. she was having labor pains even before she knew it! in the hospital, when the baby boy came out, monica and chandler were thrilled. "he is so beautiful, and i'm gonna pretend i don't see all the other stuff" - that was what chandler said when the doctor held a blood covered baby bing to show the couple. then the big surprise, there is another one coming out! monica shouted, "but we only ordered one!" HAHAHA! chandler really panicked this time. he even suggested giving the twins half a medallion each then years from now, they would meet each other and get reunited. but monica talked him into it so a baby girl bing became part of the family.

who can forget the most romantic love story in all the ten seasons - chandler and joey! joey bought the couple a duckling and a chick as a home-warming present. but the "kids" got into the foosball table and they had to tear the table apart! they couldn't do it, so monica helped out. they got the little fowls and chandler said maybe joey should keep them so he would have another reason to visit him.

rachel stayed long enough to see the twins, but after that, she had to go and catch her plane headed to paris. ross let her leave, but joey reverse-psychologized (new word) him into following her. phoebe drove ross in her granma's cab but they headed to the wrong airport. as they were driving to newark (they were in jfk), phoebe called rachel and told her she should get off the plane because something was wrong with the left phalange HAHAHAHA! rachel's seatmate in the plane overheard them and panicked so everyone got off the plane! that gave them time to catch up. ross talked to rachel and tried to convince her to stay but rachel didn't. ross was all sad so he went home and got a voice message.

rachel: i'm sorry i had to go this way, i didn't even had the chance to tell you i love you, too... i love you... wait a minute, i love you! what am i doing here?! i love you! i need to get off the plane, excuse me, i need to get off the plane!

flight attendant: sit down, ma'am, we are about to take off.

rachel: but you don't understand, i have to get off the plane!

ross speaking to the machine: why don't you understand?!

the message was cut off so ross was frantically rewinding the messaging and all talking to himself "did she get off?! did she get off?!" (that doesn't sound right, huh?)

rachel, from ross' door: i got off the plane.

everybody now: aaww....

the last scene was all off them in monica's empty apartment, monica and chandler getting ready to head to their new house in the suburbs. rachel asked if they had to go right away or if they have time. monica said they do.

rachel: can we get some coffee?

chandler: sure. where?


Monday, May 10, 2004
hey y'all! haven't been posting anything for quite sometime now. was busy taking extra shifts for the past week.

but that's done now, i'm back. just give me one more day to rest and promise, i have got stories, lotsa lotsa stories!

i have the friends final episode story, the finale of survivor: all stars and a little something about maggie gylenhaal (did i get that right?)

Thursday, May 06, 2004
  jasmine made it!
for one moment, i thought the world stopped for me.

was watching american idol last night with dad (he watches the idol too!), and we are now down to four after george huff was voted out. amen.

last tuesday, i think i called up the idol more than thirty times to vote for jasmine! no joke! i thought her performance was kinda iffy so i had to do something to keep my fellow pinay afloat. plus i sent a text message to all the pinoy friends here.

next week, she better do a kick-ass performance if she wants to stay around because la toya and fantasia aren't slowing down and diana seems to get better and better everyday.
  california, here we come...
no, i'm not going to california. it's the theme from the oc, the best show on earth since dawson's creek.

the season ended last night. it was a special event, so i went home to my dad's place so i could watch it with the family. yes, my dad watches the oc.

and by golly, this is the worst cliffhanger ever! marissa (mishca barton) moved in with her mom and her new stepdad, who is kirsten's (kelly rowan) father, sandy's (peter gallagher) wife. to make things worse, ryan (benjamin mckenzie) moved out of the pool house so he can take care of theresa who stupidly got pregnant, which leaves seth (adam brody) totally frustrated since ryan was his stronghold. the idiot went out sailing to god-knows-where leaving summer (rachel bilson) totally unaware.

the cast:

L to R, standing: tate donovan aka jennifer aniston's exbf; rachel bilson; melinda clarke aka thank-god-she-has-a-career-after-playing-a-dementend-goddess-in-xena; peter gallagher; kelly rowan; chris carmack who played luke, marissa's exbf who had an affair (get ready for this) marissa's mom.
L to R, sitting: the prettiest girl at the moment mischa barton; benjamin mckenzie and adam brody.

hmmm... i need a life.
got my grades for this semester! can't believe i got a B- in my strategy management class! i thought i was bordering C! HAHA! again, i'm a lucky bastard.

and a little note to bibba: yes, i made it to the dean's list again :-P

hmmm... it's kinda hard to see, lemme make a bigger picture so i can flaunt my grades better...

here ya go:

Monday, May 03, 2004
  went to bed, malambot sya, ok na me
once upon a time, i despised the "sya-syndrome". inanimate things being called "sya":

i broke my nail, pero ok na sya.

and as if that's not bad enough, here comes "me-syndrome":

txt u l8r! tulog na me.

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