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Thursday, September 21, 2006
  nip/tuck season two finale
Monday, September 18, 2006
  i want ugly
so it's a monday night and i have no plans. i decided to walk down to union square and catch the L from there (it's over twenty blocks, but hell, i need the walk, it's the only exercise i get).

so i walked to 8th avenue, then headed down town from there. i took that route because the area is pretty sleazy with dark corners and as you go south, the area gets gayer and gayer. somehow, the possibility of being mugged and/or molested gives me the adrenaline rush i was seeking tonight.

i saw this lil shop that sells ugly dolls. you heard me right, UGLY DOLLS. dolls that are ugly. one doll has only an eye, another has four legs with no arms, one has too long arms. they look hideous, butt-ugly, ridiculous, and repulsive.

i must have one.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  i've been around

create your own personalized map of the USA

i have to work on my world domination though...

create your own visited country map
Sunday, September 10, 2006
  suddenly i see
so where have i been? i want to say i've been too busy to blog, but that's not true. i'm just plain lazy. so let's try to sum up the past few weeks in one entry.

was in san francisco for work. not really awesome, it was nice to see the city. when i got there, my first thought was, "so this is california... where are the people? where are the high buildings? what are these land bridges? is this what you call free ways?" i was out of my element obviously. that night, i wore my I heart NY shirt when i slept. it was the closest i could get to the east coast. i'm just happy my boss and the assistant boss were around. the brooklyn accent helped.

the following weekend, went to LA. my first thought was "so this is california... where are the people? where are the high buildings? what are these land bridges? is this what you call free ways?" i had to ask the same questions because i totally buried my past weekend at the very back of my memory. it was nice to see rey! barely talked though, he was busy with work and church. work, i understand. church, total different story. went with ate i.n, which means flying back home would be a disaster. somehow, when we fly together, a lot of shit goes down. and they did.

it will be a less exciting days starting tomorrow. i have nothing planned, and travel is kind of out of sight til october. i will try to shake things up :-)
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