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Monday, January 31, 2005
  i almost shit my pants
now i know why nbc signed 22 more episodes for medium - that's this season and another one after that. this episode blew me away.

tonight's episode started with allison dubois with her husband on bed, when she saw a cop's hat on the night stand, and the next thing she knows, she is in a casket with a cop. obviously, it's one of her dreams and visions, and this cop is of course, dead. he showed her a gun, telling her that it stays with him in his casket. then, he gave a message: "australia". not the place, just "australia". the phone rings, and her husband peeks inside the casket and tells her he's gonna get it. then she woke up.

it's scenes like these that drags me off from watching will & grace and closing my tax book. not only can patricia arquette take me to a mind-numbing trance but also the writers' creativity of creating a twist at the end of the show. it is like watching an hour long the sixth sense every monday night.

her husband got off from the phone, apparently, he has an appointment with a doctor for a biopsy. allison got pissed off since she wasn't told about this. and then her husband showed her this mole on his back that has to be checked if it's cancerous. it was a big mole, the shape of australia.

she then goes to work and learned about a case where the murder weapon is missing. tada - the cop in the casket. she knows that the murder weapon is in the murdered cop's casket. they had to get a search warrant and exhume the grave. the thing is, the DA lied! told the judge that dubois received an anonymous tip, and now the other party wants her to testify! the DA is practically telling her to lie! and another issue, the defense knows of her special gift, and they will try to discredit the search warrant.

in the mean time, something else is happening at home. her husband keep coming home late, working extra with his boss kelly. and to make things worse, allison saw a vision of her husband with some pretty lady (think kelly preston in the she will be loved vid).

now here she is, confused about her work and with her husband in her mind who might be seeing another girl. they got into this argument about lying in court and how this might affect their kids if she tells the truth. then kelly called. kelly is a guy. that debunks her vision. her husband is not cheating on her.

came day she has to testify. she did her oath and all that. the defense asked if she did have a tip from someone. she thought well, she did get a tip from a dead guy, so she said yes, she did get a tip. then the defense started asking her why someone would run to her, being a parttime worker who has been with the DA for only two months with no degree in law, he claimed that she has a "special connection" somehow with this anonymous tip. he asked her who she really is. she said, "i am not adam humrpy". the DA was confused, the judge was lost, the jury didn't understand. the defense put his hand over dubois' microphone, came closer to the bench and talked to her in whispers. "i am not adam humpry who took the BAR for you after you failed the BAR three times. i am not so and so (i forgot :-P) whom you bribed to get the search warrant you needed for an old case. i am not so and so that you lalala..." allison pratically stated everything about this man! and she capped it off with "now you know who i am, so do you want to keep asking who i am for the jury in expense that they might also know who you are?" the defense folded! the courtroom was lost at this moment, not hearing what they were talking about, and the defense stopped asking any more questions. they got their search warrant.

she went home, was happy that she didn't lie in court and that she didn't have to expose her abilities. then they went out to have dinner in this restaurant. she leaned over and saw this kelly preston lady behind her husband, and this pretty lady started choking! her husband then stood up and started doing the heimlich (is that even how you spell that?) maneuver and for a moment, allison realized that this was exactly her vision - her husband with a pretty lady.
  def poetry
"I want to believe in monsters lurking underneath our beds, so our kids can have something to conquer before the world conquers them."
my art prof said she won't be making us paint at home, since it's not fun lugging around a portfolio.

here's our first homework, to paint three cups. the top one is wet on dry painting, second is wet on wet and the last one e as real as we can get it to look real. i hated the last one, i prefer the wet on wet style, when you can actually see the brush strokes and the fibers of the brush. very painterly.

the box on the upper left corner, wala lang, told us to practice coverage, make sure that the gesso doesn't show through the paint.

Sunday, January 30, 2005
  my granpa is a very very patient man
yesterday was my granfolks' fiftieth anniversary. read that again. fiftieth. 50th. fifty years.

it was one fun day despite the fact in the past two days, i only had four hours of sleep, and they weren't even lumped together.

granpa and granma renewing their vows. granma cried. such a llorona, haha!

granma cutting the wedding cake while granpa looks on. check that pot of flowers above her, it says "grandma's favorite flowers" and it has our names on it :-P

i just have to take a picture of granma's two sisters - aunt berna and aunt noel. they look like versions of each other!

cousin dan goofing off with granpo elias' cowboy hat. and you can see my grad pic way back in high school behind him!

the whitt girls - cousin meg with aunt renee. this would probably be the last time i'm gonna see meg single, she's getting married this august.

Friday, January 28, 2005
  change is good
according to warhol:

"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

hence, the change in my blog template. yes, it is a mess trying to live inside my head.
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
  this is soooo wrong...

bondage movie! you're into BSDM and chances are, you're fond of whips, chains, harnesses, and tight leather outfits. you like to mix a little pain with a LOT of pleasure, baby!

what kind of porno would you star in?
brought to you by quizilla

Monday, January 24, 2005
i can't sleep... i should be sleeping now, it's freaking 2am, and i have a 9am class. well, at least i had a bit of sleep earlier.

does anyone out there know a remedy for insomia?
Saturday, January 22, 2005
  SHUT UP!!!
it's official, it's been a week. regine velasquez has been singing this song in my head for the past seven days. when will she shut up?

It all came so easy
All the lovin' you gave me
The feelings we shared
And I still can remember
How you touched me so tender
You told me you cared

We had a once in a lifetime
But I just didn't see until it was gone
A second once in a lifetime
Maybe too much to ask but I swear from now on...

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time we'll never end, ooh... ooh

Now I'm seein' clearly
How I still need you near me
I still love you so
There's something between us
That won't ever leave us
There's no letting go

We had a once in a lifetime
But I just didn't know it till my life fell apart
A second once in a lifetime
Isn't too much to ask 'cause I swear from the heart...

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time we'll never end
Never end

The best of romances
Deserves second chances
I'll get to you somehow
`Cause I promise now...

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time we'll never end

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time we'll never end

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time we'll never end
Thursday, January 20, 2005
  i'll develop oc watching the oc
so alex' ex is in town - alex is a she, and is hot - which ticks of adorkable seth - them two are fubus. then ryan forced lindsay - caleb's daughter making her kirsten's sister and since caleb is now julie's husband, i guess that makes lindsay marissa's sister as well, and marissa happens to be ryan's ex and julie's daughter - to go out with summer and marissa for a girls' night out. them girls are having a great time then marissa whips out her flask of booze and gave lindsay some while summer declined and went over to the bar. then the guys - seth wanting to see alex' ex, ryan wanting to check on lindsay and marissa, and zach wanting to check on summer - drove over to the bar. ryan didn't want to bring seth along because he earlier found that alex' ex is - grab on to something - is a girl, jody. when they got there in the bar where alex works with her ex jody, by golly, pretty lindsay is hammered. "my numb is tongue," she slurred. ryan grabbed her out of the bar, giving marissa nasty looks, blaming her. zach was looking around and saw summer with some guy - matt, i think, who hits on anything that moves - and of course, walked out on summer. in summer's defense, she just needed the company considering she's the only non-drinker in the threesome. zach is ticked off since he thought the girls wanted to get away from the boys, hence, the girls' night out, plus, it's their six month's anniversary. seth confronted alex, who earlier sent jody away knowing this could happen. so ryan and lindsay went to the beach for some air, the dumbass ryan left - how stupid! - lindsay to get some coffee for pretty lindsay. he freaking left a drunk girl who wants to go swimming at night! by the time he got back, lindsay is missing! ryan started screaming "lindsay! lindsay!" and got in to the water expecting the worst. amen seth was somewhere outside and told him that he saw lindsay with alex and marissa back in the club. they got back there and saw lindsay passed out. marissa was like, "oh, everything just got out of hand" lalala, and ryan - for the life of me - lost it! "if you want your life to fall apart, don't drag her down with you," lalala... if i were marissa, i would have slapped the begeesus out of him. alex was like, "get out, get out" and she'll take care of lindsay and all that. meanwhile, in a nearby coffee shop, zach and summer patched things up. ain't that great. the grown ups are having their own little thing going on too, with miss julie cooper *shivers* wanted to do this magazine deal thing, caleb thinks it's a bad idea, wanted his son-in-law to deal with her, which sandy actually agreed with him. but sandy's wife - a.k.a. caleb's daughter, kirsten - thought the magazine deal is a well-planned and well-thought off idea and for the first time, agreed with julie cooper *shivers*. but this week's episode is not about them grown ups. back to ryan and seth who decided to apologize to marissa and alex. they went to her place and they talked to their respective girls. looks like seth and alex are okay, but marissa and ryan, you'll know there is still something lingering in that relationship. marissa said it so. apparently, marissa had more out of the experience with ryan, and still can not let go of how happy she was with ryan. the boys took off, and the girls were left. and by golly, they were in a love seat, and alex asked "are you cold?" to which marissa said yes, and she leans over marissa to grab a blankie and you felt this... this... spark between them! and they held a stare! not a stare, but THE stare! oh my freaking god, will they do a lesbian relationship between alex and marissa?! we'll all see next week.

sigh... how did i survive without the oc for the past twenty-some years?
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
  at-risk vs passive loss
the at-risk limitation is a limit of deduction to the amount invested or at risk. it also includes recourse debt and some qualified nonrecourse debt related in real estate. the amount may be carried forward until the at-risk limit is increased. at-risk limitation is used first to all applicable activities before using the passive loss limitation. the passive loss limitation is to disalllow the deduction of passive losses against active and portfolio incomes. passive losses are losses from an activity where a taxpayer does not materially participate and certain rental activities.

wow... i understand corporate tax better.
Monday, January 17, 2005
  first day of classes
look at that, it's three in the afternoon and i'm home already :-) and i really have to take a dump, brb...

back, feeling a few pounds lighter.

anyway, it was a fun day :-) first class was intermediate accounting II. a continuation of last sem's intermediate. we finished the assets parts, so we're starting with liabilities this time, then the equity part and capping it off with the statement of cash flows. i'm all giddy, hihi! i'm such an accounting geek.

went to work for two hours in the nursing department. was fun to be back in the office.

then, my art class :-) taking up painting, and i am sooo psyched about the class. if drawing class was so cold and technical, this is the opposite. we talked about post post (not a typo, two posts) modern artists like pollock. can't wait for wednesday!
Saturday, January 15, 2005
  an eight-month long delayed goodbye
Beautiful Goodbye - Jennifer Hanson

It's like the most amazing sunset
You've ever seen
There's never another quite the same
It just falls into some eternal sea
Like the end of a movie that makes you cry
You're sad when it's over
But you're glad you had
That moment that moved you deep inside

Beautiful goodbye, baby, goodbye
I enjoyed the ride
We really had us a time
It's a strange kinda high
A beautiful goodbye

I'm standing here watching you drive away
We were so grown up about it all

But how will it look in the light of day?
I miss you already, but don't turn around
It's funny how you know when it just won't work
And how letting go can make the sweetest sound

Beautiful goodbye, baby, goodbye
I enjoyed the ride
We really had us a time
It's a strange kinda high
A beautiful goodbye

So ironic, it's so confusing
To do the right thing and be losin

I'm always stuck with choosin
Ain't that just like life?

Hey yeah
Hey yeah yeah

Beautiful goodbye, baby, goodbye
I enjoyed the ride
We really had us a time
It's a strange kinda high
A beautiful goodbye
Goodbye, yeah

Na na na na, na na na na
Na na na na na na goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na
Na na na na na na goodbye
  thank god it was friday
had a great friday.

well, i slept til like noon of course, like everyone else, haha! i started taping my old sketches and some of my new paintings on my wall. maria, my co-worker, picked me up around 2:40 so we can be on time for a meeting at work (motel6). had a great time chatting with all the front desk peeps whom i barely see. meeting ended at 5, and brandie asked me to watch a movie. i was like "great! pick me up around 6." movie didn't start til 7.20, so we grabbed some munchies first since movie food is ridiculously expensive, i swear them people will burn in hell, in boiling popcorn oil. but anyway, saw elektra! danda-danda ni jennifer garner... if she smiles. she looks ugly when she's all serious and ninja-y. swung by barnes and nobles and by golly, saw some anne rice. i just couldn't help myself, i had to grab the vampire chronicles. i already read the first six, and lo and behold, the next three are in stock. to hell with saving, i'm feeding my head. sorry, dad, your book has to wait. in our image is all good, but there's nothing there i don't know. so i'm back to reading the vampire chronicles :-)

queen of the damned
the irony is not lost in me: aaliyah died right after playing the role of the queen of the undead.

so, how was your friday?
Thursday, January 13, 2005
  hoy, pikay
a fellow blogger fay said she's intrested in ink painting. well, here you go:

sorry, can't scan the whole painting. it's the usual 18x24 but my scanner can only handle 9x12 :-P
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
  sex and the city talk
"He only has one ball and I have a lazy ovary. In what crazy world does that create a baby?!"
Monday, January 10, 2005
  CD: commercially driven
did a little splurging on CDs today. me happy. super.

yes, i got me a cyndi lauper album, haha! i saw her over pbs kase, and i thought she did a good job now that she is singing jazzed up covers of standard classics. i love stay! won't you stay, just a little bit longer... i also love at last, kinda sexy and romantic. she also has a duet with tony bennett!

coldplay's a rush of blood to the head should be a staple by now already. who could go wrong with clocks and the scientist?

fleetwood maaaaaaaaaaaaaac! i love them! i love stevie nicks! i don't even remember when i first heard of these guys, but i remember that the corrs did a cover of dreams, i guess that started my craziness ocer fleetwood mac. i got this come back album that they made. fave tracks: say you will and peacekeeper.

another staple. this album is about ten years old, even older. i heard in california, the kid's penis is covered. but anyway, number one track is smells like teen spirit. a little trivia to those unaware, teen spirit is a brand of deodorant, haha! the album doesn't have all apologies which is a downer, but all is good, it has come as you are.

i got an EP album. it just has seven tracks (hence, an EP). first four are the big hits: this love, sunday morning, she will be loved(!), and harder to breathe with bongos and all. they did a cover of the beatles' if i fell! dang, i fell.

this guy made an album with 21 tracks. grabe. and all the songs are worth it naman, especially the alicia keys duet, my boo.

lastly, chris botti! and he plays the trumpet, haha! all jazz songs, hell, all make out songs! i love his rendition of when i fall in love, it's great! this cd certainly sets a mood.

so i got all seven CDs copied in my sonic stage (sony's song player. i love sony. i have a sony notebook, digicam, MD player, sony image station and sonic stage), but i wanna start copying stuff to my windows media player. this is gonna be one helluva task. check out my CDs i have to copy:

wish me luck!
Sunday, January 09, 2005
  a tear jerker
get a hanky before clicking here.

you've been warned.
  man, it's raining...
there was an earthquake in southeast asia and had a tsunami afterwards, i heard LA has a snow storm, i even heard there are big waves hitting the west coast. it's not snowing here in colorado as much as it should. and i heard it was raining in jersey yestersay - yes, raining during winter time.

either mother nature is experiencing a major PMS, or god is a prick.
Saturday, January 08, 2005
  brrr, it's cold in here
it was freaking cold this morning. it hit my personal third level of coldness. the first being just cold, but i could get away without a jacket. second, being when you can see your breath in the air. and the third one, when not only can see your breath, but your breath creates its own shadow.

and you would think it gets okay when the sun is up, it actually gets worse. since the heat of sun melts the snow and ice on the ground, it actually greats this cold mist by your feet and eventually makes the place colder.

snow is not as greaat as you think it would be.
Friday, January 07, 2005
  small MEDIUM large
saw medium today! the thing is, i missed last monday during the pilot telecast, amen they did an encore this night after will&grace.

medium stars patricia arquette from the arquette clan of actors (brother david a.k.a. mrs. courtney cox), and known for her portrayal as frankie in stigmata. now the thing with ms arquette here is she is not pretty, but i really like her so much. i figured maybe it's the crooked teeth. i am such a sucker for that flaw! no wonder i go googoo-gaga over jewel.

sidebar: a quote from jewel -> now stop staring at my teeth and look at my tits!

anyway, ms arquette plays the role of allison dubios, who is a real life psychic. her character can - this is so cliche, thanks mr. m night shamylan - see dead people. and being an intern in a law firm, a mother of three, and a husband to one, her being sensitive is kinda a deterrent as of now. but of course, in the end of the pilot, she discovers that this is her calling. hmmm... this is kinda a rip off of tru calling, don't you think?

Thursday, January 06, 2005
  jLo's back
anyone heard lopez' new song get right? pretty cool. i know people say she can't sing, but i would rather listen to her than watch her movies. and the vid is pretty cool, too. like one jLo is not enough.

You lookin' just a little too hard at me
Standin' just a little too close to me
You sayin' 'Not quite in love' to me
You sippin' just a little too slow for me
No doubt you're playin' real cool homey
Got me thinkin' what is it you do for me
Trippin' (trippin') a little more than I should be
So let yourself go and get right with me!

I'm about to sign you up
We can get right before the night is up
We can get right, get right
We can get right, get right
We can get right
I'm about to fill your cup
We can get right before the night is up
We can get right, get right, tonight
We can get right
Your lips talkin' about I play too much
Can't a woman take advantage of what she wants?
My hips movin' oh so slow (so slow)
Bar tab lookin' like a car note (car note)
All I need is you here right by my side
Take whatever you want baby let's ride
And whatever you want you let me decide
Just put your name on the dotted line


And if tonight ain't long enough, don't leave love behind
Baby take my hand I'll show you why

[* * *]
  patiently waiting
still waiting for the 17th, classes start again :-) i think this is going to be my least expensive semester since i only have four classes and two of those classes i do not have to buy books. those two classes are intermediate II (we're gonna use the same book we used last semester), and corporate tax (still using the same book we used in individual fed tax class). checked the bookstore website for my two other classes. either there are still not up, which i doubt, but i don't think i would need a book in my art class (painting!). the other class, auditing, i dunno why we do not need a book. i better e-mail the prof.
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
  new mexico trip
i worked last 30th, so i basically got out of work six am on the 31st, meaning i only have two hours to get ready since dad was picking me up around eight. i was darn sleepy, and so were the kids:

on the way out colorado, we had a great view of the wahatoyas! the wahatoyas are considered the breasts of mother nature. i think mother nature has a tumorous boob:

so this is downtown, santa fe. they have this great plaza where there are lots of street vendors and art galleries along the streets, all next to the church. it's pretty much like quiapo in a smaller more organized way. new mexico was pretty much influenced by spain, that is why it is like the philippines:

here's the st. francis of asisi church. it is so great! haven't been in a catholic church for a while, so i was pretty much in awe:

just across it is the loretto chapel. it was featured in unsolved mysteries, if you remember the show. it is the first gothic church in new mexico, notice the pointed arches. now the major thing here would be the stairs. before, they didn't have the metal balusters for the stairs. so it was pretty much a two full turns of wooden stairs WITHOUT nails. galing:

saw the bataan memorial building! it is just pretty much a building, haha! it's some sort of a education slash government building:

also went to chimayo! it is the best church i have ever been here in the US. we also got some dirt from the inside, they say the dirt here has miraculous effects to people. inside, there is also a rack full of walking canes. apparently, people who were healed from their crippleness leave them behind:

and saw a maes court in santa fe :-) maes court is along maes place, after you turn a left in maes street:

also went to taos, saw another church for st. francis. i was kind of a tour guide for dad, telling him the lives of st. francis and st. anthony of padua, and st. rita and all them saints we saw. haha, catholic education paid off!:

and here's the best thing i saw in taos:

was a great trip. can't wait for the next one :-P
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