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Thursday, January 20, 2005
  i'll develop oc watching the oc
so alex' ex is in town - alex is a she, and is hot - which ticks of adorkable seth - them two are fubus. then ryan forced lindsay - caleb's daughter making her kirsten's sister and since caleb is now julie's husband, i guess that makes lindsay marissa's sister as well, and marissa happens to be ryan's ex and julie's daughter - to go out with summer and marissa for a girls' night out. them girls are having a great time then marissa whips out her flask of booze and gave lindsay some while summer declined and went over to the bar. then the guys - seth wanting to see alex' ex, ryan wanting to check on lindsay and marissa, and zach wanting to check on summer - drove over to the bar. ryan didn't want to bring seth along because he earlier found that alex' ex is - grab on to something - is a girl, jody. when they got there in the bar where alex works with her ex jody, by golly, pretty lindsay is hammered. "my numb is tongue," she slurred. ryan grabbed her out of the bar, giving marissa nasty looks, blaming her. zach was looking around and saw summer with some guy - matt, i think, who hits on anything that moves - and of course, walked out on summer. in summer's defense, she just needed the company considering she's the only non-drinker in the threesome. zach is ticked off since he thought the girls wanted to get away from the boys, hence, the girls' night out, plus, it's their six month's anniversary. seth confronted alex, who earlier sent jody away knowing this could happen. so ryan and lindsay went to the beach for some air, the dumbass ryan left - how stupid! - lindsay to get some coffee for pretty lindsay. he freaking left a drunk girl who wants to go swimming at night! by the time he got back, lindsay is missing! ryan started screaming "lindsay! lindsay!" and got in to the water expecting the worst. amen seth was somewhere outside and told him that he saw lindsay with alex and marissa back in the club. they got back there and saw lindsay passed out. marissa was like, "oh, everything just got out of hand" lalala, and ryan - for the life of me - lost it! "if you want your life to fall apart, don't drag her down with you," lalala... if i were marissa, i would have slapped the begeesus out of him. alex was like, "get out, get out" and she'll take care of lindsay and all that. meanwhile, in a nearby coffee shop, zach and summer patched things up. ain't that great. the grown ups are having their own little thing going on too, with miss julie cooper *shivers* wanted to do this magazine deal thing, caleb thinks it's a bad idea, wanted his son-in-law to deal with her, which sandy actually agreed with him. but sandy's wife - a.k.a. caleb's daughter, kirsten - thought the magazine deal is a well-planned and well-thought off idea and for the first time, agreed with julie cooper *shivers*. but this week's episode is not about them grown ups. back to ryan and seth who decided to apologize to marissa and alex. they went to her place and they talked to their respective girls. looks like seth and alex are okay, but marissa and ryan, you'll know there is still something lingering in that relationship. marissa said it so. apparently, marissa had more out of the experience with ryan, and still can not let go of how happy she was with ryan. the boys took off, and the girls were left. and by golly, they were in a love seat, and alex asked "are you cold?" to which marissa said yes, and she leans over marissa to grab a blankie and you felt this... this... spark between them! and they held a stare! not a stare, but THE stare! oh my freaking god, will they do a lesbian relationship between alex and marissa?! we'll all see next week.

sigh... how did i survive without the oc for the past twenty-some years?
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