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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
  no more friends
it was just another episode. it wasn't a two-hour special, it wasn't in a different timeslot or a different day. but still, just like any other friends-fan, it may just be another episode, but it was a good one.

so erica was going to give birth now. she was having labor pains even before she knew it! in the hospital, when the baby boy came out, monica and chandler were thrilled. "he is so beautiful, and i'm gonna pretend i don't see all the other stuff" - that was what chandler said when the doctor held a blood covered baby bing to show the couple. then the big surprise, there is another one coming out! monica shouted, "but we only ordered one!" HAHAHA! chandler really panicked this time. he even suggested giving the twins half a medallion each then years from now, they would meet each other and get reunited. but monica talked him into it so a baby girl bing became part of the family.

who can forget the most romantic love story in all the ten seasons - chandler and joey! joey bought the couple a duckling and a chick as a home-warming present. but the "kids" got into the foosball table and they had to tear the table apart! they couldn't do it, so monica helped out. they got the little fowls and chandler said maybe joey should keep them so he would have another reason to visit him.

rachel stayed long enough to see the twins, but after that, she had to go and catch her plane headed to paris. ross let her leave, but joey reverse-psychologized (new word) him into following her. phoebe drove ross in her granma's cab but they headed to the wrong airport. as they were driving to newark (they were in jfk), phoebe called rachel and told her she should get off the plane because something was wrong with the left phalange HAHAHAHA! rachel's seatmate in the plane overheard them and panicked so everyone got off the plane! that gave them time to catch up. ross talked to rachel and tried to convince her to stay but rachel didn't. ross was all sad so he went home and got a voice message.

rachel: i'm sorry i had to go this way, i didn't even had the chance to tell you i love you, too... i love you... wait a minute, i love you! what am i doing here?! i love you! i need to get off the plane, excuse me, i need to get off the plane!

flight attendant: sit down, ma'am, we are about to take off.

rachel: but you don't understand, i have to get off the plane!

ross speaking to the machine: why don't you understand?!

the message was cut off so ross was frantically rewinding the messaging and all talking to himself "did she get off?! did she get off?!" (that doesn't sound right, huh?)

rachel, from ross' door: i got off the plane.

everybody now: aaww....

the last scene was all off them in monica's empty apartment, monica and chandler getting ready to head to their new house in the suburbs. rachel asked if they had to go right away or if they have time. monica said they do.

rachel: can we get some coffee?

chandler: sure. where?


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