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Saturday, April 24, 2004
  i'm pretty convinced... i better get a car soon
last night, there was a party in the apartment complex since next week is finals week - meaning students tend to be crazy. was up pretty late, even forgot to call my friend in NJ!

then around 11 this morning, my boss eva called me up to remind me of our end of the month meeting and asked if i could bring something for the pot luck (um, you want me to bring pot?). i said ok and went back to sleep for thirty more minutes.

now when i got up, i wasn't sure if i was dreaming or if eva did call me! had a hard time convincing myelf that she did call, even after i took a peek in my phone's call log. so i took a quick shower then i headed to the bus stop.

it was my first meeting at my work! and i've been working there for seven months now! i bought two half gallon ice cream (that makes a gallon, no?) and some mini-bowls and spoons just in case we don't have any in stock in the break room. when i got there, the first thing they said was, "you brought ice cream!" instead of, "hi, ken!" ain't that sweet, HAHA!

the meeting was about relations between co-workers. had too many fights during the past month. he said this, she said that... it's soooo high school. anyway, eva brought up that i'd be working more hours this summer which is okay. more money for me, hehehe...

then on my way back home (so i could catch some Zzzz since i'll be working later at ten pm til tomorrow at six in the morning), i took the bus and there was this guy who kept going "hee... tee... hee..." by himself! it's a loud high-pitched... groan? moan? and it's driving me nuts! then i realized he wasn't doing it intentionally. i think he can't help but give off these noises. he was even hitting himself just to stop himself from making all that sounds! at one point, he even bit himself. and i tell you, i saw them bite marks in his hands, they were pretty deep.

and to top it all of, a big lady, humungous even, got in the bus. she has the biggest ass i have ever seen - and not in a sexy way. she has this oh-my-god-don't-sit-next-to-me big kind of ass.

that's it! when i have enough money, i'm buying me a car.
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