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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  i have internet connection at home now... amen
originally penned - 02 july 2004

it's the second of july right now, but my internet connection won't kick in til the eighth. bad trip. but it's ok than having to go to school every other day just to check my mail, check my bank statements, chatting with friends, and make entries in my blog... crap, now i need to go to school to check my mail.

my sink
anyway, just finished washing plates. i knew i had to do that since i had like six bowls in the sink. and i don't usually use bowls, meaning i already used all my eight dinner plates and eight small plates. my sink looked gross. hence, dishwashing.

my music library
for the past month, i have been transferring my cd library to my music library in my hard drive.but i have only copied like forty cds, and i'm getting bored already. especially with the soundtracks and compilations since i have to type out the name of each artist for every song. katamad. try typing the artists' names in the moulin rouge soundtracks - both one AND two.

originally penned - 04 july 2004

at work
it's one in the morning right now, i'm at work and we are already fully-booked so i just basically tell people to go away. it is kinda boring during this time since there is basically nothing to do. i already did my preliminary reports, did a trial balance, checked the registration forms, filed the previous registration forms, even balanced out the credit cards and reconciled the cash drops. and there's nothing good on tv, not even on the cartoon network. just waiting for two o'clock, dennis miller would be doing stand up on hbo. he better be funny...

how stupid can i be?
how stupid of me, am listening to music and leave started playing. puchang-iniks, what magic does this song has over me?! it is just so fuckin' sad that it could practically bring me to tears if i don't consciously hold them back. it's not like i'm with someone right now (even if ate i.n insists i should start looking for someone to give my attention. like i'm gonna listen to someone whose relationship is a bit skewed - sori, medyo brutal ate, but you know me, i still love you! muwah! :-P )

i must have told this over and over, but this song is really a killer! "i'm not saying there wasn't nothing wrong, i just didn't think you'de ever get tired of me. i'm not saying we ever had the right to hold on, i just didn't want to let it get away from me but if that's how you're gonna leave, straight out from underneath, then we'll see who's sorry now, if that's how it's gonna stand when you know you've been depending on the one you're leaving now..."

the irritating part of this is: hindi bagay saken ang mag-senti! puta madre.
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