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Monday, August 02, 2004
  this is sooo central perk
8:21 am
wireworks coffee shop
corner of abriendo and broadway

i am here in a coffee shop right now, just waiting for 9:00am.

this place is cool! it is basically a two-door garage with one door permanently closed, and then a some sort of an annex is built next to it. the annex has a bookcase of old books. and i love old books! the kind that is already yellow and gives off this musty smell. i wish i have time to read but like i said, i am just waiting for nine a.m. so i could go to this travel agency and buy me plane tickets.

i had a grasshopper mocha which is coffee with chocolate and mint, topped with whip cream, chocolate syrup, and nutmeg. i also had a slice of banana bread.

when i got my notebook out, this lady next to me asked if i was hooked in the net and told her not yet, and that i plan to get a pc card so i can be wired to the web when i go to places with hotspots (like this bookstore that i know of near i-25). then we got into this conversation about business, economics, politics, morality and religion and stuff! i can't believe i am having an intellectual discourse with someone i barely know who is obviously in the academe considering that she has at least five books on her table and god knows how many more in her backpack, with several legal pads with her and a highlighter. i was having a coffee shop moment! she even flattered me by asking how come i was up this early, drinking coffee, when most of high school students she know would still be snoozing right now. ha ha! she was even surprised that i work graveyard while maintaining a fulltime load at school. well, i guess that can be pretty impressive, ha ha!

sigh... i am having on great morning, to think just last night i was in hell. work was horrible last night - both my computers went dead, the credit machine acted up, i had to do everything manually and i hate doing manual credit card transactions because when the computers come up again, i have to enter everything to the guest list and call the credit card company to get approval for every credit card transaction i made so i could enter them in the motel system and all that. i was actually planning of cleaning up the office because it looks like crap but i wasn't even able to even wipe the desks clean because of my busy night.

but to hell with that, i am in heaven with my coffee right now.

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