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Monday, November 15, 2004
Got this from Abbie's blog. I miss high school! Everything seems to be so simple back then. Sigh...

1. Bakit ka nahuhuli sa pila bago mag-flag ceremony?
I was never late for flag ceremonies nor assemblies.

2. Anong favorite mong bilhin sa canteen?
I can't remember, honestly. I remember hurrying to the canteen though since the line picked up real fast, and the canteen can be so packed that the whole place is just a solid mass of uniformed kids.

3. Na-guidance/principal's office ka na ba?
Nope. Good boy e.

4. Sinong favorite teacher/s mo doon?
Has to be Miss Vinas now Mrs. Calleja! Many hated her guts then, probably til now, but she was the one teacher that I thought shaped me as what I am right now.

5. Sinong HATEST teacher mo naman?
Hmmm... hard to say. I never really hated anyone.

6. San ka usually tumatambay? Why?
Nung Senior year, so corridors lang. Had a bad habit of picking on younger students. I remember, we used to call this girl Panget. My bud Jeree and I would just stay by the corridors waiting for the Sophomores to pass by, then Jeree would blurt out, "Oy, Kenneth, ayan na si Panget o." We were mean. Then in college, when I transferred to De La Salle Lipa, the welcoming greeting I got from Jeree was, "Hoy! Nakita ko si Panget kanina, ditto yata mag-e-enroll!"

7. What's your most unforgettable experience sa highschool mo?
Always the cheering competition. It's an event, it THE event.

8. Varsity?
Nope. Puh-leese.

9. Sinong una mong nakilala sa high school mo?
Most of my high school friends actually are my grade school buds, too, but the first person I met not from Canossa who transferred to our high school is... hmmm. I have no idea. I can't remember. Arg, I'm getting old.

10. Sino unang mga barkada mo?Best bud Jeree, of course. We are talking history, baby! I think we were five when we first met, so you can say a big chunk of my life, she was somewhere in the background.

11. Sinong mga kabarkada mo nung nag-graduate ka from HS?
CAT officers mainly, then my classmates, mga Vero.

12. Sino mga barkada mo from highschool hanggang ngayon?
Jeree, solid kami e, haha! I remember nung binisita ko sya sa work, and her tita happens to be her boss. Tita Mabel was like, "Kayo ga e naging kayo?", "Ano ka ba, Kenneth, sulutin mo na si Alner.", tsaka, "It's nice that you are friends up to now... Teka, baka naman may pag-asa pa na maging kayo". In some demented way, Jeree and I will always be buds, but we are sane enough to know there are lines not to be crossed.
Sino pa ba? Hmmm... It's hard to say since I'm here in the US now, and barkada to me means seeing each other regularly. So let's skip that first.

13. Na-mimiss mo na ba yung uniform mo?
Not really.

14. Favorite teacher's quotable quote?
Wher do I begin?! Haha! Let's see... There's "So we have there." "Hide your maps." "Gels and boys." "Part and parcel." "Almost always." There's a lot more, I tell you.

15. Most unforgettable person? Why?
Closest buds, mainly because they helped me shape who I am right now.

16. I-describe ang mukha mo sa grad pic.
I looked like an ass.

17. Anong binibili mo sa labas tuwing uwian?
Fishballs! Iskrambol. Hmmm... Banana ice. Ano pa ba?

18. Sino huling nakita mo sa batch?
Si Sophia at si Dads. We went out the last night I was in the PI. We went to TGIF and had dinner across Rio Locsin, haha! I had to lie to everybody in my family that night! They were texting me to go home, where I was and all that. I said ma-traffic on the way home when really we were not even half way done with dinner.

19. Anong contests ang sinalihan/napanalunan mo?

22. Kamusta naman ang Intrams?
Intrams is always fun. Every year yata e talo kami, hahaha! Except nung Senior year, we rose to the top, hehe...

23. Sino mga sikat sa batch nyo?
Ako, hahaha!

24. Sino mga magaganda at gwapo sa batch?
Ako pa rin!

24. Nasa friendster mo ba yung crush mo sa HS?
Wala e. Di uso sa kanya ang friendster.

26. Did you ever regret going to ur HS?

Not at all! I love that freaking school.

27. Sino sa mga ka-batch natin ang dapat napasali sa Star Circle Quest?
I'm not even sure what Star Circle Quest is.

28. San ka na nag-aaral ng college? Course?
Nag-UPDiliman muna, then De La Salle Lipa at sa awa ng diyos, nasa college pa rin ako, Colorado State University here in Pueblo.
Was an Accounting student all the way. May sa malas nga yata ang course na to saken kase di ako matapos-tapos.

30. Sino ang peborit labs team of dem all mo?
Sa batch naming, I can't remember if there was a love team I liked. But I remember a couple na three years ahead samen, they were an item na since their freshmen years, then all the way to college. Sila pa rin hanggang ngayon.

31. Anu-ano ang mga section mo?
Highschool? St. Vincent Ferrer, St. Agatha, St. John the Baptist, then St. Veronica.

32. Sino ang crush mo sa upper batch?
Hahaha! Madami, mahilig ako sa matanda saken e, haha!

33. Sino ang crush sa lower batch?
Wala akong kilala sa lower batch e.

34. Orgs mo nung highschool?
The Gazette, Fine Arts.

35. Sino pinaka-na-mi-miss mo ngayon?
Everybody, I guess.
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