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Thursday, December 09, 2004
  scattered thoughts
a milestone in my academic life - it took me an hour and a half to finish a two and a half hour test. it should have taken me only an hour, but i guess my brain cells aren't as active as they were. but nonetheless, i'm done with the semester. i am absofuckinglutely officially happy. this has got to be the worst semester ever, and i'm not alone. i haven't met anyone who had the semester okay. maybe just for us in the business school, had a big decline in faculty this semester.

got an A in art class, as expected. i'm pretty much happy with the outcome of my law classes. got a high C (yes, kiko gets Cs every now and then!) in cpa, and a C in income tax! i am so relieved! at least i'm sure i can take corporate tax next semester, haha! and i think i prefer corporate tax anyway :-) was pretty surprised that i got a 53% (65% class average) in the finals. imagine that... 53%... fuck. good thing my 100% current tax issues papers (all eight of 'em) and my term paper on a fed tax case pulled that final exam grade. cost, i had a high B, so i'm pretty much happy with that. this exam i just finished, intermediate, i'll probably get an A, worst case scenario, a low A. I just hope my cumulative GPA stays in the 3.5 to 4.0 range.

man, that intermediate exam kinda spooked me out. i had four cost allocation multiple choice questions (two depreciation, one depletion, and one amortization), and my answers won't come up in the choices! i re-did all four, at least thrice (no wonder it took me an hour and a half to finish the freaking exam), and all my answers are at least a hundred dollars off from the choices. i asked professor wink, she said all answers come up exactly. i re-did them all again, and by golly, all my computations are missing a year. no wonder my answers are off. so, in about an hour, i'll know how i did in the test.

ho-hum... oh, dad's picking me up tomorrow since i do not have any classes anymore. i've noticed that he's been wanting (or at least marie, maybe the kids) me to stay there whenever i can. he even picked me up last friday after class FROM SCHOOL, brought me back home before 8:30 so i can get ready for work that night. then the following day, he picked me up around 4:00 and offered dinner and to bring me to work by 10 that night. i told them i have nothing to do starting the 13th til the 17th, dad and marie asked me to stay with them during that week. marie's been asking me to stay with them on christmas, but i think i have to work that night, else my manager, eva, decides to give me that night off since i'll probably work the whole week when yvonne, the other night auditor, takes her vacation (that's our deal: i can take whichever nights that work for me, but she has to has her christmas week vacation). lately, dad's been asking what i want to do after graduation, where to work, where to take my masters and all that, and asking where am i gonna stay. then marie said she thinks it's cheaper if i live with them to save rent, and then buy me a car (it ain't by the way, it's more expensive to pay monthly on insurance and make car payments as compared to taking the bus or a cab plus pay rent). it's sweet and all, knowing that they want me to be around, but i'm not just used to living with other people. i'm not saying dad, marie and the kids are "other" people, what i meant is i'm not used to living with other living things. i don't even have a plant at home. and marie started teasing my sister that i'll probably be living in denver when i finish college, so i won't see them anymore. what a commotion that was, saul and angel crying, thinking i'm leaving them.

sigh... damien rice has been singing in my head all day. i can't take my mind off of you... til i find somebody new. drama. i think i like it better when damien rice is singing acoustic in my head, it drowns the other people talking in my head. and man, are they really chatty! but it's okay, i've learned to tune out them voices in my head, i can't understand them anyway. i don't speak spanish.

been cleaning my place up. it has to be the cleanest since i moved in in the apartment. only three plates and a few forks and glasses in the sink. trash bins are empty. just need to vacuum. cool.

five months of action-packed days, and now, i have nothing to do.
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