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Monday, July 11, 2005
  deeper and deeper
saw two movies today :-) can't sleep, so after watching a movie in the theater, watched another one at home.

my friend nat picked me up at home to watch fantastic four.

it's not one of 'em deep and dark stories like x-men and batman. it's a movie that doesn't require too much thinking, so any idiot would enjoy this movie. well, good work there, they earned $56million to date almost double distributor fox expected. jessica alba was hot, hands down. she didn't wear her costume as often as she should though. and i thought the since-we-were-wearing-these-when-we-were-hit-by-so-so-storm explanation why them costumes work so well with their powers is kinda lame. but i guess it works to explain why human torch's costume doesn't burn and why invisible girl's go invisible with her. i like how they hinted why von doom's body was turning in some sort of a metallic alloy as hard as titanium and diamond (he was holding an engagement ring when the storm hit him). but that only confused me why invisible girl turns invisible. but i'm putting too much thought with this, like i said, this movie does not require much thinking. i love, LOVE, johnny's one liners. he is freaking funny :lol: "that's gross," "where are your ears?" "this is yours, that's mine," "is that a trick question" :lol:

segue to something deeper: hero.

it was awesome. it's very... artsy. then again,quentin tarantino made this film, and i think that explains a lot with the movie's classy-ness. i do not understand why zhang ziyi is in the cover of the DVD, i'm guessing for marketability. she doesn't have a big role. don't get me wrong, i still love her and all that, i just don't think she should be on the cover. anyway, there are many story lines in the movie. well, there are not really story lines or subplots but rather narrations. and the way tarantino made these narrations different from one another (since there are different perspectives and points of view on the SAME events), he made color schemes! and i love them! i think he made four, if you do not count the first scene where the nameless hero (jet li) killed sky (what a name...). then there's the red story line where the nameless hero killed falling snow who killed broken sword and moon. the blue story line where the emperor finds out about the nameless hero's plan. the white story line where the nameless hero confides the real score. and the the green story line (which is within the white story line) where falling snow and broken sword first met.

so whether you are into thought-provoking movies, or just wanna suffice your visual-hunger, i recommend both :-)
kaya nga napaka light ng movie was bec nakakatawa si johnny. i loved the movie.

i soooo love hero. galing ni jet li. ang galing ng fight scenes. super love ko lahat ng fight scenes. i love the story too, nakakaiyak, parang house of flying daggers.
di ko trip na parang submissive role ni ziyi, sanay ako na strong ang character nya lagi (rush hour two, house of flying daggers). can't wait to see memoirs of a geisha.
eh well, hindi sha ang bida dito. hehe.
kaya nga nagtataka ako nasa cover sya ng DVD.
in the comic books, human torch is a close friend of spider-man. and there were some issues released that spider-man became a part of f4. (kaya naging f5? hehe!)

anyway, yung tungkol sa iba-ibang nangyari sa kanila, medyo binago na ang kwento sa movie. sa pagkakaalam ko, naitapon sila pabalik dito sa mundo. they kinda "represent" the four elements. nakaapekto yung elements na pinagbagsakan nila nung naaksidente nila. fire for human torch. earth for the thing. water for mr fantastic (yes he's elastic. pero hindi ba dapat water yung power nya kung ganun? hehe!). and air for invisible woman.

if we are to make sense of everything that happens in the f4 universe, madidisappoint lang tayo. kahit sa comic book palang, marami nang flaw.

i was looking forward to seeing dr. doom on the big screen. commanding kasi ang character nya. kakatakot. walang awa. medyo nadisappoint ako kasi ganun lang sya kabilis natalo. mukhang minadali tuloy.

gusto ko pa sanang i discuss dito. hehe! pero sa ym na lang natin pag-usapan.

lemme guess: di ka fan?
i used to worship x-men. circa 90s. nung time ni jim lee. potanginang jim lee yan. hanlupet. tapos biglang nagpasok sya ng deathblow. i was blown away. (ayus) although i felt na rip off lang sya (yung istilo at yung trying-to-be-violent feel)ng sin city ni frank miller, ok pa rin kasi jim lee nga ang artist. well, after a while, almost everybody drew comic books like him.

si mcfarlane din nung spider-man series malupet. kickass talaga. medyo nadisappoint ako nung iniwan nya ang spider-man (kasi nga lumipat na sila nila jim lee, liefeld, portacio, etc. sa image). tapos kamukha ni spiderman si spawn at almost always similar yung poses nila. actually, feeling ko dati, cross ni batman at spiderman si spawn. at nabad trip ako nung nagsama si batman at spawn sa isang issue kasi pinalabas na mas asteg si batman. although love ko rin si batman. pero nung 90s, wala akong maconsider na ok na artist sa dc, at pakkershit ang storyline nila. ang labnaw ng mga kwento about batman at superman. napilitan tuloy silang patayin si superman kasi wala na silang maidagdag sa kwento. tapos nung ibinalik nila, wala pa ring kwentong maganda. ilang superman ba ang bumalik? 4? enlighten me about this. hehe!

actually, late 90s, hindi na ako nagbasa ng comics. kasi nagbabate na ata ako nun. so puro porn na. wahaha! joke lang po. baka may maniwala.

si psylocke... ayun. hot momma yun.
ang pagkakaalam ko, sa chinese movies, kahit maliit lang ang role ng character, laging kasama sa cover ng dvd. kc napansin ko lang sa ibang chinese movies. pero pwede din dahil for sales kc pretty sha or kc iniintroduce na sha for her starring role. mga haka-haka ko lang to'. hehe
sila lang kase ni jet li kilala dito sa US
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