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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  of denver, weddings, and skulls

ate i.n came over for a week of escape from work. the bunch (moi, dhe, marie and the four of the brat pack) picked up ate in colorado springs, went to granma's place, then fort carson to do a lil shopping for my cousin meg's wedding. dhe dropped us off at the motel, got checked in and went to a tattoo place i know. the place was close, haha! ate was dying to have her skin branded, but looks like that won't happen that saturday. we decided to grab the chance again on tuesday, the 16th. watched the dumbest movie this summer, dukes of hazzard. enjoyed it, which doesn't say much about my level of sophistication.
i had to work that saturday night, so ate had her rest while i slaved for the next eight hours. took a bus to denver, got lost a bit looking for our motel, then went to elitch gardens. it was a blast! rode on rides i would never dream of getting on.


cousin meg got married last saturday, the 20th, to andy. see, where andy from, everyone is pretty much catholic, and it's a rather small place. you could pretty much run around the whole place in less than half an hour, and meg's place, potwin, is way smaller than that! the priest in the church even mentioned that chances are, no one can be found in whitewater at that moment. and during the communion, all the groom's side stood up.
the reception was fun! it would have been more fun if the kids were not hanging on to my pants and if i had a few drinks, but fun nonetheless. aunt elaine was there with the kids and granma. unc marty was there with cousin jen. unc whitt and aunt renee was busy of course, giving their daughter away. and they had the funniest giveaways - shot glasses! it says: i went to andy's and meg's wedding and all i got is this lousy shot glass. i took home five.
the dad-daughter dance was fun to watch. yeah, i know, it's sweet and all that, but seeing unc whitt cry was priceless. and then aunt renee and granma were also opening the floodgates.
of the "original" five cousins (josh and jen, meg and dan, and me), three are married. bachelors: me, 24, and dan, 19. if he gets married before me, i'll snap.


i painted dad's skull yesterday. he has this buffalo skull he got last sun dance that needed decorating. these bad boys can be sold for $600, and i doubt that dad is gonna do anything crazy like that.
had the medicine wheel right smack on the center, did a little cow print design. a was scared that dad would find it a bit... moo. but he liked it, so, no complaints here. had his name on it too, just like the tat i have behind my neck. the lakota symbol, the sacred pipe and the family staff completed the work. it looks good.
astig! padalhan mo nmn ako ng bear paw, pede ga? hehe...
cute nmn ng mga bata ΓΌ
don't worry about dan getting married before you, he says he doesn't even want a girlfriend right now, even though he's got 'em standin in line! And if you need any more shot glasses just let me know, we had a whole box left over!
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