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Monday, August 01, 2005
  summer in progression (repost)
my class is almost done! this is the last stretch then we're gonna have our potluck on thursday slash critique. i'm gonna make sure to take pictures on the last day, the place would look like an art show opening! everybody is there, even from other classes, and we have other artists and faculty members too.

here are some of my works :-)

here's the still life we did. there's only four of us working with oil, and one dropped the class. i originally did this with a smooth surface, then sometime later, i decided to do impasto, and i think it looks better now. the resolution is bad (as with the rest of the pictures in this post, will use a digicam next time), so i'm not sure if you can see the reds on the blue vase. check out the turtle! it's a lamp thingie really. even if others think the turtle looks pissed off, i still think it works. if i give it a title, i'll call it pushed behind beyond recognition, why you ask. see that brown thing all the way behind? it's a guitar neck :lol: i tried to make it as analogous as possible (blues, greens and yellows), but i can not resist the reds and the earth tones.

santa lucia. this is our first open content. i was playing with the thought of doing a series on apocryphal saints, such as lucy here, but dealing with oils won't permit me to do such, considering it's a four-week class. i actually already have a sketch book filled with saints and research material, but there's just no way i could do it. the idea of legendary saints appeals to me: saints who weren't, just by virtue. cecilia and her three hacks on the neck, the charred and boobless body of agatha, ursula and her spiked wheel (look for her in michaelangelo's sistine chapel painting!), and here, lucy without her eyes.

a derivative painting of my favorite artist of my contemporaries, john currin. he's from boulder, CO you know, later on moved to NJ and now living in NY. my kind of guy, haha! i wanna follow this pattern too, of leaving CO, staying in NJ then eventually living in NY :-) check out the negative space, ain't it great?! :lol: and i love the my blue dark tones and orange highlights :-) this is actually three layers of paintings. i started with the witch of endor as depicted in the bible (thank you, my imaginative mind), then painted dinah with tattered clothes like it was after the rape of shechem then decided that i needed a painting for our research :lol:

times square! pretty neat, huh? focus on colors in full chroma and paint handling. this is my final painting, it's about five feet tall and two feet wide. i loooove the tall format, lotsa movement if you ask me. i still don't know when to actually stop working on it, i'm scared to over render and eventually obliterate the work :lol: and check out the real thing:

oh, someone on the beginner's class came over me and said, "that reminds me of broadway." THANK YOU! at least it's recognizeable. the painting is at least more than half way done. i want to put like a white glaze on everything, especially the sky so i can push it back further, since that red patch really jumps out of the canvas. plus i want it to have this... haze. i think it's neat-o. we'll see what my classmates will say this thursday.
galing! enjoy na enjoy ka talaga noh?
that's what my prof told me, mukha daw akong mad painter :lol: i come to a point na i don't care about the grade anymore, basta i enjoy what i'm doing.
good job!

post more paintings please. please.

great work!

i just couldnt help wondering why st. lucia left her eyes on the background...
Cool blog and cool message
well, thank you thecritic. nice to have a not so familiar "face" around here.
ano fave mo? gandang ganda ako sa NY :)
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